Malawian Girl in DoorThere are many ways to get involved supporting Raising Malawi, some requiring more commitment than others—from spreading awareness amongst friends to working in a clinic in rural Africa.

We encourage you to read the following volunteering options and decide on the task that is right for you. Each task listed below, be it large or small, fills an important role.

This is your chance to act and do something tangible for Malawians. We greatly appreciate the effort and can't wait to hear from you.


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Add Raising Malawi as a friend, or subscribe to our network here. Encourage your friends to join our groups. Donate your status or wall to news about Raising Malawi. Get started here.

Blog or Vlog about Malawi

Learn the facts about Malawi and our efforts to help the country improve itself. Share with your readers what you discovered and how you're doing your part to make a difference. Get started here.

Host an I Am Because We Are Screening

Gather friends, family, and co-workers in your home to view I Am Because We Are and discuss the issues presented in the film. Get started here.