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Orphan center in Namitete

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Dr. Eric Borgstein, July 2013
Video Why Malawi Poverty
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Why Malawi

+1,000,000 adults and children are living with HIV.

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1% of the population receives a college education.

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The average life expectancy has dropped to 36 years old.

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Over 200 people die of AIDS each day in Malawi.

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Just $20 can supply 1 infant with formula for 1 month.

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Raising Malawi blog

Grassroot Soccer Visits Home of Hope


In December, Grassroot Soccer (GRS) team visited Home of Hope in December to host a week-long Skillz camp – the third camp of 2015!

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December Field Visit


The Raising Malawi team has returned from a December visit to Malawi! Read the latest updates about our programs!

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September Field Visit

The Raising Malawi team has returned from Malawi. Read the latest updates about the pediatric surgery and intensive care unit here! Bird’s eye view of construction progress on the main ward; the substructure is nearly complete and the first floor is being cast

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